Something Must Happen...

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I've had ENOUGH. All these people are leaving Trainz and content-creating in general all because of two things: gimme-pigs and N3V's ignorance of them.

I swear, if you guys don't do something about this NOW, pretty soon there will be no one left creating stuff for YOUR GAME, N3V.

Is this okay to you guys? 12-year-old kids running around asking for every single train they see? Is that proper etiquette? I think not. I've kept quiet for a while, but your complete lack of help in this issue N3V has *almost* pushed me to the point of stopping, too.

Maybe if you guys would revise your policies...wait, no. You don't NEED to. Take a look at Rules 7, 12, and 13 of the Code of Conduct. Read them carefully and tell me that a post like this...

...isn't violating at least ONE of those. Yes, this particular user was banned, but i've seen numerous other posts of similar volition, such as ones pestering someone to release something, or making a redundant post like that one.

Tell me, you guys won't enforce those rules, but you WILL enforce Rule 19 at all costs??? That's some BS logic right there.

What's the matter? You guys really don't think this harassment and misuse of the forum is a problem?


Or else you guys are just gonna keep losing people until there's no one left to lose.
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The fact that you do not see things happen does not mean there is nothing happening.

Warnings and infractions have been send in the past, posts and topics have been removed and will again in the future.

What you should do is report those posts instead of starting a topic about. If they don't get reported, we are not always aware of them.

Consider changing your title and signature as you clearly did not give up and you clearly care. And welcome back... Again. Shall I hide that "I have left forever" topic now?
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Oknotsen, i did give up. I still know this post'll be removed and swept under the rug like all the others.

If infractions have been sent out, why has no one been banned? Many of these people i have seen are repeat offenders who, from personal experience, should get one 30-point infraction, one 50-point, another 50-point, and then a ban for having over 100 infraction points.

But that's the thing: the fact that no one SEES anything happening is hurting your guys' reputation even more.

You wanna show us you're doing something about this issue? Prove it.

Amiga, ignoring the issue doesn't change the fact that people are leaving Trainz.
Because they're being harrased OUTSIDE of the Forums as well.

Nonetheless, i'm talking about the issue within this forum only. N3V has not showed us that they're doing anything to stop the harassment HERE.

Sure, one or two may get an infraction, but they keep offending people with no further repercussions.
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i did give up.
The fact that you still make these topics clearly proves the opposite.

Also please learn that if something is your opinion, it is not by definition the opinion of everyone.

It amazes me that you do notice some posts of yourself being removed, but not a bunch of the posts you complain about (but still fail to report yourself; be happy others apparently did).
Oh, i see a lot of posts removed, i just refuse to say anything. People like me don't have any say on how N3V runs, but maybe enough of us put together can actually knock some sense into some people.

And i DO share this opinion with a LARGE amount of people. A LOT of people agree with me on this subject.

You keep making assumptions about my knowledge on this subject. Don't assume you can read my mind.
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Funny thing; I also agree to some extend with you:
I also think that we (yes we all, you and me included, not just "they") should not irritate content creators. I think I have shared this opinion with you (privately) before.

But you and me are different in some cases:
- I reported (well... used to, now I can act) those posts, yet you rarely do this (or at least not to a level it would explain topics like this one)
- I think I consider a lot less posts actually irritating (which might be an age and/or cultural thing)

Please ask those people who apparently agree with you to start reporting those posts (and with that I mean clicking on that triangle near the post, not making topics like this). When you report something, preferably do so with the CoC rule it is breaking included in the report to make our life and understanding your report easier.
The moderators simply do not have time (or interest) to read everything on the community. I personally (though I assume this also goes for other mods) do not always have time to act when quickly reading something on the forum between my paid job (I am the teacher; people usually notice if I am not doing my job). Again: If people do not report posts, there is no guarantee we see the posts you are complaining about.

Another thing:
When someone is overly enthusiast asking a content creator for something, is that always a bad thing? It might actually be explained as a compliment for someone's skill.
When people keep asking or demanding for content, release dates and what not, then it becomes a lot more clearly unwanted behavior. And still if it does not break the CoC I can not act on it.

Stop pretending you do not care. You clearly do :) (else you would not make topics like this)and I appreciate your care (and I am sure others do too), but would chose another way of showing it. Start reporting those posts, preferably with the CoC rule is it breaking included. Also note that we do not always agree with your view and/or that you do not always see the actions moderators take (PMs, removes, warning, infractions), so that even if you report something you might not see the result of it.
This thread is going nowhere good, so I am going to lock it.

However, before I do I would like to say one thing, folks need to be part of the solution rather than the problem by creating threads ranting about how everything is horrible.
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