Paintshed Spongebob - What F7 did it use


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So somethings been bothering me for a few months
I've been trying to sort out what the mesh used for the Spongebob Unit A paintshed reskin was
I know there's a repaired version now, but i'm doing this for other varients atm for fun
The problem is the config states it's a F7 Southern unit, but the paintshed texture doesn't fit the files in the art source (the nose is mapped differently)
Can anyone identify which F7 this used, or was this some paintshed magic that can't be replicated without the src (can fix this with the src btw, just trying to make it easier if possible)

for good measure, the original F7 Southern texture from the engine it mentions using

Edit: I found the version used in 2006. It's a blank template by the looks. Is there any chance of access to the src files for this particular F7?
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First, WTF?!?

Second, That's probably the JointedRail F7 texture files, and the model can be found on 3rd Party Sites all over the internet (Trainz Forge has a few). JR has the reskin files public on their website under Freeware. Hope this helped.
The earliest F7 in Trainz was a Santa Fe Warbonnet from the first version which continued to be built-in up to TS12. If you want a paintshed mesh. Just search on the DLS website for paintshed in the description. There should be a few hundreds of them. Be aware that Paintshed had several variants in designs for each mesh. You may have to download several to get the right fit.
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yes, i already located the only paintshed version that isn't on the dls, rather, is only in 2006.

Also, it can't be a jointed rail asset, as these are from the first trainz. Jointed Rail wasn't a thing until, what, 2009 or 2010. Maybe TC.
The thing is, was wondering now if the src files for this specific version is releasable by N3V. Would make nice for reskins and modifications unlike the older meshs i already have the srcs for.
Maybe the helpdesk can put you in touch with the content creation group of N3V. If anyone would have it, they would.