So what's the big deal?


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Hello everyone.

I'm a subscriber of the Trainz Newsletter, and although I have not pre-ordered a T:ANE package, I have been keeping an eye on all of the updates about it. What I was wondering is what the big deal is? I don't mean to sound rude in any way, but by looking at the beta screenshots, it still looks to be the same as TS12, just a little more polished-up.

Now, I am fully aware that this is still in the beta stages of progress, and that maybe it just needs to be seen in-action to tell a significant enhancement or to shoot me that "wow!" factor, but currently I have not been "wowed" the same way that majority of others have been.

Maybe this is just my opinion? :confused: I'm still gonna give it some time...

Well... Thanks for letting us know I suppose.

The 'big deal' is all the new things we are getting. Some of those things are new graphics but they are not finished yet and they will eventually be seen in the screenshots. I fail to understand why the only time people think there is an improvement is if the graphics get better - and I am not trying to single you out, it is just an observation. I mean, if TANE was supposed to be only a graphics revamp I could understand but it is far more than that.
Well, I understand that, but I guess I took it the wrong way. I know there's supposed to be improvements such as individual car "wobble", and that would be a neat addition, but that's something you can only see in a video. But I respect the development process. I'm still open to accepting... :)
T:ANE will not be at first a big leap forward more like a steps to a new level of better. Just like when first 2004 came out and allowed us to have steam locomotion in its own right and the a while later 2004 SP1 brought us passengers.

T:ANE will be the new foundation that will have bits molded into it over time. Its already been announced that all that was planned is not going to be in the first commercial release with some of the modules then added on at a later date.
Oh trust me, I'm still watching everything to see how it unfolds. I keep reminding myself it's just beta. I'd like to get other people's opinions on this though so thank y'all who've stated your minds.

I'm wondering if I want to pre-order or not, while it's still a better deal...