Skytop Attachment point error


Shark-nosed Fanatic
I have recently encountered a problem while installing TUME's Skytop observation cars in TS-2010. After installing they turned up faulty.

I've looked at the log and it says this:

Error: Attachment point 7 (a.sit17) in 'queues\load0\attachment-points' was not found.
Error: Attachment point 13 (a.sit33) in 'queues\load0\attachment-points' was not found.

Are the Skytops simply not compatible with '10 or is there a way to fix this? I apoligize if this has been covered in any previous thread.
I just deleted those two attachment points in the config file, submitted file and all is well, at least for me.
Thanks Paul! The Skytop's are now working fine, but while I was picking through the files, I found out that the config had been copied two times... What happened?