Siemens installs first Cummins engine into a Charger locomotive


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This month, Siemens celebrated a production milestone at our Sacramento rail manufacturing plant by installing the first Cummins QSK95 engine with alternator that will power the new diesel-electric Charger locomotives. The 42,000 pound, power unit, the first engine to be installed at Siemens Sacramento manufacturing plant, was successfully lowered into the locomotive by overhead crane.

Read the whole press release here, and watch the video of it happening. Bonus sneak peak as to what the Amtrak-corridor Charger locomotives will look like (the All Aboard Florida ones will look different)

They certainly seem to have hideous passenger locomotive design down to a science these days. If this isn't another Vergara "masterpiece" I shudder to think that there are others with the same taste in aesthetics.