American Special Duty Passenger Locomotive


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Note that this is not a forum about an announcement, but rather a brain storming pool.

Recently I wanted to buy an Athearn genesis FP45. But at this day and age there is nothing available on the market. But since I don't need a whole lot of money to create a locomotive in Trainz I wanted to make something special for the community.

Now what I had in mind was to create a passenger locomotive that takes out the best of the many passenger locomotives currently in the US.

The locomotive I want to make is going to be a community inspired fictional locomotive. But its leaning more towards long distance travel. I would say this locomotive would something like a Motive Power-Wabtec new build, like their MPXpress.

Here are some of the constraints I want to have set, but you are not obligated to make your image meet them all.

  • First things first is the Locomotive should be standard gauge.
  • The locomotive is a total length of about 72' 08"
  • The prime motor a 20 cylinder 5,000 HP 710 engine, and a yet to be decided HEP unit (Maybe a caterpillar or a cummins) all this means is lots and lots of fans.
  • The locomotive can either be a carbody or cowl type body, I'd prefer not to do a hood unit because of the many different variations that could be made and all the other small details pertaining to hood units.
  • Must have a 2 piece wind shield. I feel that the 4 piece and 3 piece look kind of goofy on cowl and carbody units, I don't have anything against them at all (it's more a matter of opinion).
  • The cab can either be semi streamlined like the EMD's second gen. F, and M safety Cabs and GE's W Cab or a streamlined like many of the passenger locomotives from the 1950's in america or the MPXpress. This is completely your choice and I will respect it. Or you can make your own completely new cab type.
  • The unit is going to have a c-truck arrangement, can have either GE or EMD type c-trucks I find the modern trucks look more real in this case.
  • Feel free to post some of your images even if it doesn't have everything above, I only stress the cab/carbody unit appearance, and the two piece wind shield. Other then that it's free game. (Hey you can try and see what the MPXpress could look like if they had a two piece instead of a 4 piece wind shield.)

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Two Panel Windshield MP36PH-3C

Okay I think that the way I had written the section above made it more of a demand. I'm going to take a step back and provide something at least the community can look at. I'm sorry if I presented my self as a gimme pig.

Some feed back would be very kind, of course at your own convenience.


Please note that the respect authors are included at the bottom each photo, and thus is their intellectual property!