Side by side configuration.


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Hi All,
I've decided to have a major clean out of my system and did a fresh Windows 7 install on a clean drive. Im hoping to do a reinstall over my existing trainz folder so it picks up all existing downloads, assets, mods, etc.

Now, I renamed the original trainz.exe file and ran an install, it got right to the end and then said it failed due to something about side-by-side configuration.

So, do I:
1. Remove all existing folders except the userdata folder and install over the top, or
2. remove all folders, install it, run all update patches and then replace the userdata folder or
3. none of the above, start all over again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I can't speak for T:ANE, but for TS12 and previous versions, #2 would work EXCEPT that you should have saved your local and original folders and moved them over top of the newly-installed ones (or you could use the Import Content feature of CMP, if you prefer) and do a database rebuild.
Hi All, just an update.
I did none of the above lol. I removed ALL folders apart from the userdata folder in the installation folder and did an install and all updates to version 61388. It has all run perfectly with all current and past assets installed and working.

RRSignal, thanks for your post, yes, I have about 3 full copies of the entire game scattered on various drives (portable drive, NAS unit and local drive), so there was no chance of me losing anything. :)

Trainz is now working 100% on a fresh system. Really nice :Y: