Show Off Your Routes *Potential For Large Screenshots*

One of my first Trainz layouts was based on the NYW&B (the Westchester electric commuter railroad). Though it was lost in a disk crash, some of the stations and equipment remained (and it was a lot like the New Haven's anyway). Recently I built a new layout, also based on the Westchester and using those assets but adding a few new ones and improved (?) technology - though still in TS2009 build 40040.

Technology: (1) using block scenery copy, results of which can be a little sloppy but much more complete than covering the boards with tree splines and sparse vegetation, and (2) simplified catenary consisting of track assets with a built-in contact wire and pseudo-catenary "supported" by support bridges which are trackside assets rather than splines.

New assets: Quaker Ridge, Mamaroneck, and 180th Street. Old stations: White Plains, Heathcote, Pelham 5th Avenue, Hunts Point and Wykagyl. (Stations from parts: Baychester, Port Chester and Harlem River.)

Screen shots, south to north...


Hunts Point looking south


180th Street from trackside


Columbus Avenue where the 4-track southern trunk line splits into the 2-track White Plains and Port Chester branches - with New Haven-style power injection bridge


Wykagyl station, typical of underground stations on the older White Plains line


Quaker Ridge station, which later became a private residence


Typical scenery on the newer and less-developed Port Chester line.

The simplified catenary is not particularly realistic, especially on curves... but it was a whole lot easier to install! The layout will handle 5 AI trains at once (three Harlem-White Plains, two Harlem-Port Chester) with a round trip of 40 minutes, but starts to falter due to lack of passengers beyond that. As did the prototype...