Shape viewing programs?


What programs are out there that can open up a .PM and .IM shape file and you can view it, like MSTS has with Shape Viewer? Thanks.
Actually you can find the program Shape Viewer version 2.2 and it can open im and pm files and MSTS files. A sugestion, try to find in google search ( sorry about my english).
Trainz Object Explorer by Tolaris is a simple program that can view .im files. I find it quick and easy and I set it to my .im default program in Windows. It gives a quick summery of texture files too and has basic rendering options. It is getting a bit old now though and has its flaws - annoying movement for one. Available from for free.

Good luck
I use both Fileviewer and Shape Viewer without any trouble. Do remember however that with built-in items and others that use the combined texture file rather than separate texture.txt and tga files, neither program will load the texture. Another program is Jetview which will allow you to load and view animations. However you can only escape from it by closing it or using Windows button - D to minimise all windows. It does have one advantage however in that, as it uses the Auran Jet engine, it gives a better impression of what you will see in Trainz, which is useful when one runs into Alpha channel or animation problems.