Serial Number Rejected :-(


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So last year I went out and bought a new version of trainz 2004 specifically because I wanted to be sure I had a legit serial number to have access to the download station with. All was well, I registered, and downloaded, and played. Then I put the game on the shelf for a while until now. I reinstall it and come back to see what goodies are available and while my old account is still here, there is no longer a record of me registering the serial number. When I try to re-register it, it says its already been used.... of course it has, by me! I tried the email listed for North America but it was not valid. Has anyone else had this problem and/or know what to do about it?

Have a quick look at the top right of the forum - if it has the message "welcome xxxx" then you're logged in. If you're logged in, click on the "profile" tab. This takes you to the Planet Auran site - you should be able to edit your details (not username!) and see which serial numbers you have registered.

If not, then it's over to the helpdesk (


Yes, I'm logged in, but no, there are no listed serial numbers (there used to be) I'll give that link a try, thanks.
Hi when in your profile click onto Serial number when the page opens at the bottom you should see any registered serial numbers you have.
If you cant see any then contact helpdesk