purchased sealed Trainz Simulator 2 Pack with Engineer 2010, World Builder circa 2013 no S/N Did I buy a non legit Version


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Bought the Simulator 2 Pack from 2013. It consisted of a legit looking cardboard sleever with CD Case. Case had a Key for Each Program. I'm stuck when asked for a Serial Number. Research tells me the S/N should be on the back of the Manual. I didn't get a manual. The pack was sealed and had a price tag on it, but not what I paid. I only paid $9.90. Did someone seperate the S/N from the Program and is there No Way to actually register and use this program? I bought and old version because I have old hardware I was setting up for my grandson Just to Play Trainz. Started out with a legit MS Train Simulator that won't run on Windows 8 or later. Thanks for any feedback, Dave
It depends exactly what your old hardware is. TANE uses a fair bit of GPU but the performance is much better than earlier versions running the same content and viewing distances. TS19 and TS22 squeeze even more performance out of the hardware. You just need to be careful what you run.

Middleton for laptops was designed to run on Intel integrated graphics series 4000. 3D score about 350. Check your GPU here: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_list.php

What is the hardware you're running on?

Thanks John
The last physical Trainz manual I got was for TS06 and it did have a serial number on the back of the book. TS09 and TS10 were digital downloads and I probably got the serial numbers on the invoice/order docket (by e-mail). It sounds as if this was a marketing scheme for the time (2013?).
I suggest you submit a help desk ticket and repeat what you said in your post. The help desk interface is a bit tortuous but eventually you can enter a text request.
I'm a bit confused (situation normal!). Trainz simulator 2 from 2013 is for Android or iPad/iPhone and was downloadable from Auran website.

I've checked all my dvd cases and there isn't a PC version with that title (at least in the UK)

Have you tried the "key" for each program as the serial?
Remember that physical versions of Trainz used to be sold through distributors around the world. In America, I purchased a boxed version called Trainz Railwayz which contained both TRS2006 and Trainz Classic 1 and 2. Some of those packages used additional software protection schemes like CD keys and the need to keep the DVD in the drive while playing. But I'm not aware of any version of Trainz before T:ANE that didn't require a serial number to be both entered into the software and be registered on the N3V website under a MyTrainz account. Most likely the OP has purchased a repackaged used version of one of these third party distributor packages. Although the description sounds like the way pirated software was sold by shops in Thailand about 15 years ago. Plastic bag, printed image of the real box and re-writable DVDs. Either way only the helpdesk can help with missing serial numbers.

This appears to be TS2009 World Builder Edition and TS10 Engineer Edition but those two versions came out long before 2013.
This can be a bit confusing because Trainz was packaged under different names by various publishers and also bundled together as wreeder says with other versions and sometimes other software as a friend of mine found out. What may be the mobile version Trainz Simulator 3 today, could have a different meaning back when this was published.

What bothers me though is your packaging. A carboard sleeve with CD isn't right. Back in the olden, golden years, we got the full gamut, box, CD/DVD jewel case, user manual, and sometimes extras. Today, we get a download link.

The fact that your CD-Key/Serial number doesn't work is very telling. Either the key is incorrect, and that was an issue in the past making fully legit software inoperable, or it's a bogus one. The only way to find out is to contact the Helpdesk as they are the only ones who can tell.
I bought the same two-pack years ago. The Keys on the stickers on the front of the jewel case were what I had to use to register mine. Try entering them and see if it works. If it does, your copy is legit. If not, it might not be, but I don`t know any other test. I guess your best bet is to infer from the error message if it fails; there are apparently different ways that it might fail even for a legit copy. Luck!