Searchlight and Safetran Signal Script Errors


I have been using the Safetran and Searchlight Signal packs for years now with no problems. However tonight the Number 4 signals from both packs now have an error.
" Unable to link compiled script class". I downloaded the Midwest Grain Route tonight, I was wondering if this had an effect on the Signals?

Any help would be appreciated.

I shut down Content Manager and re-started the sim, the #4 signals are now ok, however they are missing on all my routes. I will now have to replace them all on all the routes. Sigh

I now have #06 signals missing and what would be the best fix. Its funny how they just have a mind of their own.
I had problems with the 04 signals, specifically the 04 and 04 gantry signals, I updated them and they no longer 'lit up'. I had to delete the update and revert to the previous versions. However, any route that I used these signals no longer appear on the route. Strangely, in mini map, the little 'squares' on the track where they would be if they appeared. I had to delete the track spline that the 'square' was located on and replaced it with the 04 signals.
Well I hope there is a fix for it cause that just mean i have to start over. lol But I'm sure it is a easy fix