Safetran Signals / Library 1.77 faulty in 61388


Hi guys,

I'm testing some dependencies for a 3.6 route in 3.7, and have only the following problematic assets.
This is surprising because they are all on the DLS and supposedly worked fine for years.

JR MS 06-1 Dwarf RD,<kuid2:45324:251000:2>
Safetran CLight Signal 06 Gantry LD,<kuid2:45324:24351:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 06 Gantry RD,<kuid2:45324:24352:4>
Jointed Rail Smart Signal library v1.77 <kuid2:45324:555100:19>

Signal library 1.77 has these faults:

Error: : function SetAllowsPermitControl not declared in class JunctionBase or derivative, line 228.
Error: .. while compiling ''

I can solve this by deleting it and grabbing 1.65 off the DLS. <kuid2:45324:555100:10>
However, this in turn causes the following to report missing dependency - they demand 1.77:

Safetran CLight Signal 06 Intermediate/Distant,<kuid2:45324:24367:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 04 (Left),<kuid2:45324:24359:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 04,<kuid2:45324:24358:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 06 RD (Left),<kuid2:45324:24357:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 06 RD,<kuid2:45324:24356:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 06 LD (Left),<kuid2:45324:24355:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 06 LD,<kuid2:45324:24354:4>
Safetran CLight Signal 08 Interlocking,<kuid2:45324:24346:4>

Also, the remaining 3 signals have fault regardless of which signal library is installed:

Error: Unable to link compiled script class.

Can someone advise how I can get these signals working in TS12 again please?
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1.77 was mistakenly updated with the wrong lower build number by N3V. This was apparently done for TRS19. My best guess since i have not used TRS12 in so long is that <kuid2:45324:555100:16> Jointed Rail Smart Signal library v1.75c will be your last TS12 compatible version as JR has not supported TRS12 since that time. As for the signal assets it was likely from the same process, and when they updated they changed the config to use the latest, but again this was a modification by someone for TRS19. The only fix for you would be to modify the config.
Hi Justin,

Thanks for the explanation. As usual I'm not entirely surprised N3V is behind this incompetence.

As for how we can proceed regardless, can you elaborate more on how I should "modify the config" please?
Logically I'd point all the signals to Signal Library 1.75c. However, I can't find this on the DLS, the JR site or anywhere.

A google search turns up 3 results; 2 are strange russian sites and another is an argument here of some sort regarding fanfare or lack thereof.
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Deleting an asset and install an earlier version will not change the asset/route request for the new version. You need to do a DBR or go into the route and delete missing assets.
I managed to find Signal Library 1.75c and it works in SP1 with no issue (SP0 too once downgrading just the build #)

Unfortunately, the following signals are still stubbornly not working.


These are the version 3s instead of the previous :4s that have been uninstalled.
A look into their dependency lists show them pointing to 1.75c, as it should be.


Anyone know what's going on in this particular case?
I downloaded the latest version last night which was build 4.2. Totally screwed my version of TANE SP1 build 4.3. No matter what I did I had to do a complete reinstall. And after reinstalling the game and downloading assets that were needed for Mojave Sub along with other routes, that asset came up faulty. Luckily in this case I was unable to install the version before it.
Just thought I'd let you all know.
I would probably not download that asset since it's faulty

Thanks but not a valid solution in this case. It's not a platform bench that can be just swapped out, and no I am not swapping out thousands of signals just because N3V went and borked one of their dependencies. Will find another way around this clusterf-.
Sorry to bump this thread after a month, but I am having trouble programming my JR smart cokourlight signals in TRS19... I have read the above post, and currently have v1 77a of the smart signal library. Is it possible to revert back to v1.75 or is 1.77a supposed to fix it?

When I go to program signals, it is not allowing me to set any routes, there is no where to enter anything.