Seaboard Coast Line Signals Proposal


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Good morning everyone,

My name is Anthony and I'm a soon-to-be surveyor in T:ANE. I'm trying to plan up to build soon an old SCL (Seaboard Coast Line) Branch fictional railroad that may range from 5 to 6 miles long just to start it off. But one thing that I've always wondered so much that I have not witnessed in the years of working with Trainz (TS12, TS09, etc), is that no one has actually made a model, in all these years that Trainz has been going on, that would be as realistic as they can be like the signals that are known as "Signal USA 04 and Signal USA 02" (if I'm not mistaken with the names of those signals). And we're not talking about just the simple polygons and coloring of the signal model, it would be fascinating if these signals would be made or if someone would have the intention to actually make them. It would sound pretty nice for anyone that may want to make an old SCL or ACL (Atlantic Coast Line) route with these trackside signals made and put into action.

Down below are screenshots that I've gotten from a few videos that a good friend of mines makes which are astonishing to watch every time from, Danny Harmon.
Each screenshot of each SCL/ACL signal will be placed by signal category

Absolute Signals

Distant Signals

Mainline Signals

Dwarf Signals

Spring Switch Signal (may be functional if there's a spring switch asset in Trainz)

Stop and Check Signal

For more information on how some of these signals function, check out his videos in order to get a more bitter understanding of them when it comes to designing them and getting a background information of each one.

Hopefully you may allow the thread to spread to all creators and developers of trackside models to see if this can be possibly done.
Any questions you're willing to ask or if you can't open a dropbox link, please feel free to ask away and to let me know as soon as you can.

Kind regards,
Anthony Reyes
Hey everyone,

Apologies if I bring this topic up afloat again in the forums. Just hoped someone had a glanced at the details of each signal to see who would like to design them for the purpose of any SCL/ACL Railroad fan like myself, even though I live within their territory (i.e. Miami)

Kind regards,
Anthony Reyes