Making plains fly automictically?

Hi guys, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

So, I’ve been working on an airport in my world and now I want to try and bring it to life.

I started the build by adding this asset “Industry Airport” <kuid:-25:1158> which has a couple of plans taking off and then landing again.

So, my question is this, can I make planes take off and land automatically and park at a airport designated terminal on my extended airport that I have built? See picture links.

I found this on YouTube and Is this working automatically? Trainz A New Era 2018 06 27 14 14 29 02 (


I think you can do this by using drivable airplanes which are actually trains. You set up the invisible routes in the sky and on the taxiway just as you would when laying tracks. Place the drivable planes and assign AI drivers to them.
If you have Cornish Mainline and Branches, check out the default session. It just takes a small plane off of a grass field, flies around the route, and lands again. You can see how the invisible track is laid out and perhaps see how the plane is controlled.
I did that one time and had a plane fly toward Lower Manhattan and into a model of the wtc towers that are on the dls. I know, bad taste. But someone did that in Flight Simulator back in 2001-2002.
Harry, that video was from my Heathrow Airport layout. The planes are = to loco's and run on invisible track. You set each plane up in the same way you set a train up with drover commands. I used a lot of ATLS trickery to have the planes randomly select their paths. EIT controls the actual take-off and landing.
Hi Stagecoach, I downloaded the routes but when I run them northing is happening but thank you all guys for your help. Any suggestions welcome.


Sorry, there seems to be a problem with TRS22 not loading everything. I have just looked and it fails to load all the drivers for the aircraft.
The way I read the OP question was can the airport asset be configured to have its airplane fly and land somewhere else. Airport Industry with its planes is a single object that only does one thing. Great to add some animation to distant airports but cannot be modified.
As others have mentioned, you'll need to add some invisible track and place some drivable planes (locos in disguise) with the appropriate instructions to make it all happen.
I have and airport that lands plans, they taxi to terminal, load then pushback couples, moves the plane back, then they take off. If you PM me with your e-mail I will send it to you.