Screenshots of Model Railways based in the British Isles


The idea for this thread has come from comments made in another thread.

I am not aware of another thread just for Model Railways with a British Isles theme.

British Isles includes Isle of Man and the Island of Ireland, so there is a bit of scope there.

Screenshots can be of anything suitable for the main subject.

Show us your routes, plans, assets, in fact anything that can be used in the construction of a British Isles model railway.

Sharing screenies and ideas is good for us all.

So if I may, I'll start with my next planned release, a Welsh narrow gauge model railway.

It's called Pentre Cwningar (pron. Coo-ning-arr).

The majority of the buildings are from Malc (clam1952) and the route is based on the rabbit-warren track plan of my Austrian Warrenberg route.



Please join in and show us what you are up to.
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Some views of Glavenford, a virtual model railway terminus in 1:76 scale, somewhere in East Anglia.

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The new one looks as if its going to be another winner from you. I am a bit of a NG fan, especially welsh ones as I am welsh !

Good ****s Ray. I see some of my stuff in use.
I'd almost forgotten about this thread so here are some screenshots from 'Lynborough' which is now close to being completed.





nice shots Annie.
I seem to have lost my Pentre Cwningar route:eek:.
This most probably happened when I backed up all my routes on the iron spinners and installed them on new SSD... or so I thought.....
I wonder what else I missed out?
Thanks Graham. I have a couple of large backup hard drives I really need to go through to see what's on them. I find with large drives over 1Tb it's easy to use them as a dumping ground for things that are never going to be looked at again, but which I'm reluctant to delete.

I guess this fits into the British model railways category.





That's lovely Annie!

I am pleased to say that I have found the back-up for Pentre.
I looked in the notes in the config and I had written, "some people have become payware and there's tunnel problems".
A quick look in CM at the assets and they were now showing as Built In !

I'll investigate the tunnel issue tomorrow, way too tired now!
I still think you should upload Rugton Ann, especially if you can get clearance for the clockwork loco! I guess most of us could just recreate the rest...
I still think you should upload Rugton Ann, especially if you can get clearance for the clockwork loco! I guess most of us could just recreate the rest...
The coaches are a possibility for uploading, but the two engines in the screenshots are a complete 'no-no' due to being payware. However I could upload the keyhole mask along with instructions on how to make your own faux clockwork loco.
I do intend to upload 'Rugton', - I'm just at the stage of still frowning at it and deciding if it's now bug free and completed in the way I want it to be.

I am pleased to say that I have found the back-up for Pentre.
That's really good news Graham. Pentre is a great looking layout and I'm sure it will be well received.

"some people have become payware........"

The curse of freeware becoming 'Built-In', don't get me started on that.
I must confess that the first thought that popped into my head on reading that was N3V were now capturing Trainz folk and selling them into slavery.

I'll investigate the tunnel issue tomorrow, way too tired now!

Tunnels! I have a love-hate relationship with tunnels in Trainz. I've not long finished sorting out a problem with one of the tunnels on 'Lynborough' that had been annoying me.
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What beautiful pictures, Annie, and Graham. Somehow, I still don’t seem to be able to get my head around the idea making it a model railway, though! I’ll keep trying!
Best wishes
Thanks Ian. It's a fun format and the thing about it is that if an idea for a layout comes to mind it's possible to build it in an acceptable timeframe without having to cover dozens and dozens of Trainz boards with scenery or have to lay miles and miles of track.
Yes, maybe I should just dive in, and do something Southern to make use of all the lovely new stuff that is about from Ed and Camscott.
Best wishes
To use an English football analogy, we are used to seeing the marvellous "Premier Division" routes that are created so I thought I would spoil things by showing some of my "League Division Two" creations. Please don't be too critical as I try my best but lack the artistic skill of others. Most of my layouts are based on layouts in magazines.

Hook Basin (009)

Vale of Talynog (009)


Eusdore LBSCR (Thecatenary and 3rd rail are in separate layers)

Eusdore SR

And just because I had to do it; a representation of the Hornby Dublo layout in the 1939 Hornby Book of Trains.

I am putting some of my American attempts in the other thread.
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Nice work John. Seeing your version of the classic Hornby Dublo layout made me smile. I particularly liked your Vale of Talynog layout with the town enclosing the railway.
Some more shots of Kotangagirl's "Lynborough" Broad Gauge layout. A quick round trip by passenger, with apologies to my British friends for any "faux pas" in selection or arrangement of loco and rolling stock!

The Lord of the Isles lined up in Lynborough:

Out of the tunnel:

Round the corner:

Across the viaduct:

Into the village:

View from the bridge:

Back out to the countryside:

Through the gates of a rural crossing:

Return to Lyborough: