Scottish rail project farce


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The previous coalition local Scottish Government planned to have a new railway from Glasgow (Central) to the airport and spent a 6-figure sum on land and initial planning. When they were replaced by the present government they cancelled it and sold the land parts for a ridiculously low price in the 5-figures. Now later the same government are once again thinking of having the line! One could almost miss autocracy (!).
From a Google Earth map, there seems to be an existing rail line a stones throw away from the airport

Maybe they needed the money to buy beer ?
Well it does exist as a semi-fictional route (the spur to the Airport bit) in TS20xx!
To add to the original post, the project was cancelled as part of anticipated wholesale public spending cuts across Scotland which coincided with the onset of the recession, however, some preparatory work did still go ahead such as resignalling, building the platform at Glasgow Central which would service Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL) and increasing the line capacity. This was in anticipation that the project would hopefully go ahead at some later date.

The proposed new project isn't a resurrection of GARL itself but rather, includes GARL as a possible option of connecting the airport with the city, an alternative being a tram link from the airport which connects to the railway at Paisley, continuing from there to Glasgow Central. This may or may not incorporate a heavy/light rail system which would allow the trams to share the rails with regular train services. This is part of a joint funding exercise put forward by the Scottish and Westminster Governments which was dependent on the Scottish referendum returning a 'no' vote, and includes a number of other major transport projects in and around Glasgow.

As a frequent user of Glasgow Airport, I'm quite happy with the existing bus service which gets me from the front door of the airport to the centre of Glasgow in around 20 minutes, though as an owner of TS2016 and of the GARL route, which was designed initially for driver training, it is an interesting enough prospect.
Some fair points there pfx which are known of course. However the expense factor is also a hard fact and the way the sellig was handled was a little questionable. I am equally sure that there will be those that prefer a train too!
Two experts have came forward on the idea of a monorail system and I cut the item out of a newspaper. Pity in a sense but being a rail and tram fan it will be still good that there will be a rail connection but it was kind of detrimental over the farcical money transactions.
Well Blue as I passingly mentioned elsewhere here in Britain and in Scotland we have re-opened 4 lines (longest nearly 35 miles) and doping very well.

And that is great news, we have the technology, we have ability, what needs to go away is greed and corruption at all levels.... Congrats on your accomplishments sir.... Maybe someday I'll get across the pond and ride some your great livery.... Cheers 🍻
Yes you have hit the nail on th head there in your own corner blue. In gt Britain even allowing for the moans rail travel has zoomed here and is now at th highest since way back ion the 40's when the system was nationalised by a government that was drunk on that idea! Had two visits to over the pnd back in the 90's and travelled by train between 2 cities. What struck me being rail minded was a city and big station with tracks (platforms here) that were obviously no longer used and kind of sad. The railway here that was the longest of the 4 brought back in Scotland may have further extensions as the rest of the trackbed stretching for more that 35 miles is still there and as I indicated in my thread on the Borders Line a government consideration of the rest being brought back is starting. Each of the re-opened lines has broken targets set for them .

The pressure on some routes down in England has been intense and of course depending on the company there will be some niggles but the main thing is that a constant increasing passenger total shows no sigh of stopping. If you ever get over here you would enjoy the chance to travel on a still well used system. Oh and before I forget the West Highland line is amongst the top rail trips in the world.