Saving maps and sessions


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I recently downloaded Phil Skene's latest layout and of course the first thing I want to do is to build a session so I can try it out. (By the way it's a neat layout and none of my questions here are directed towards it in particular or are critical of it). :D

I save frequently as a session and especially once I start to programme that dratted ProtoLARS stuff - it always seems to make my system a little jumpy and prone to crashing.

So what has happened is that during one of these jumpy saves I must have saved it as a new route so that all subsequent session saves have gone to the new map. This makes me angry and resentful and tends to make me use colourful if socially unacceptable words. :mad:

From now on if I want to drive that session I have to load it from the new route map and not the original.

Is there any way I can move the session from the new route map to the original and delete the new route map? I really don't want to rebuild the session from scratch as I have programmed a significant number of AI trains and industries and I don't want to go through that all over again.


I'm doing something very similar with my own route and have found that once you 'screwed' it up there is no recovery. You will have to re-download the original route to start all over again. BUT, there is a solution, so to speak. You can save your work as a completely NEW route and save the session too.
Hi Nix --

If you are using TRS2004 I suspect it might be very simple.

Fire up good old TrainzObjectz, put a tick against "Profile", highlight your session and open the folder that it is in by clicking the "Open object folder" radio button at the top left of the screen.

Double click on the config.txt file to open it.

In the config.txt file you should see an entry
map-kuid xxx
where xxx is the kuid of your version of my route.

Change this back to the kuid of my version, which is kuid2:69871:12773:1

Further down in the kuid table you will find another reference to xxx. Change this also to kuid2:69871:12773:1

Save and exit, delete Dispatcher.chump.

If you are using TRS2006, I suspect you follow the same procedure, except using CMP (find your session; right click; select "Open in Explorer; edit the config.txt file). Remember to commit.

Hope this cures this little issue.

Thank you thank you young Phil!

That was exactly what I was after. :D

The problem arose because I had been programming ProtoLARS and my machine always tends to get very jerky and sensitive after I close a ProtoLARS screen. It then gets hard to tell if the save function has worked and the PC is just thinking about it!

I wonder if another 55 gallon drum of RAM would help...? :p


Nix --

I think the issue with the LARS and ProtoLARS screens is because of all the products called up. I think I might be stretching the system to the limits.

I assume you are working with Port Switching? It has some interesting possibilities, and weaving a path through the AI trainz along the upper level can present a little challenge.