Signal In A Route - Marked Obsolete?


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The following signal has been marked as obsolete. Other signals from the same family are untouched.

2 issues:
The Safetran signal is part of a series of signals. Why would it alone suddenly become obsolete?

I use that signal throughout several routes. My guess is that I shall have to replace all instances with a ground mounted version.
It will look out of place but........

The other issue is that I must immediately delete the Modified Obsolete signal or suffer catastrophic events with my routes as experienced in the past. Thanks to great advice from the forum - deleting all Modified Obsolete assets has eliminated those Monday morning experiences.:udrool:

<kuid2:45324:24351:3> Safetran CLight Signal 06 Gantry LD

I show that there is a version 4 available from 28-AUG-2019. You can't find and lownload the v4 version?
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In Content Manager:

Rightclick --> List Asset Version
Rightclick --> Download <kuid2: 45324:24351:4>
Rightclick --> Delete <kuid2: 45324:24351:3> (if not 'built-in' or 'payware')