Running version 122411 will not update to 123801


Like the title says. I am running 122411 and when I check for an update it states I have the latest one, which I know is not true. Any ideas?
Check your update stream and make sure that the stream is set for your product and not something else such as TRS22 beta.
You can't update from 122411 to 123801 as first is Trainz Plus and second is TRS22 Retail...
So is this an update that will come to trainz plus later? I guess I am just wrong that I would have thought that trainz plus should have the same updates as 22 retail if not more.
So is this an update that will come to trainz plus later?
No, Plus and Retail are separate versions.

From 122411 (Trainz Plus SP2) you can update to 123794 (Trainz Plus SP3) using the Trainz Plus stream.
If you absolutely want 123801 (TRS22 Retail SP3) you will have to download the installer from your account. Then, you will lose all benefits of the Plus version.
Thanks for the information. I still don't understand how to use the Trainz Plus stream. If I go to check for updates it says there are none for Trainz Plus.
If you are sure to select the correct stream and no update is available, I suggest you contact the Helpdesk.
@gt350 - To view and/ or set your current stream, go to Launcher, Trainz Settings..., Install tab, and click on the 'Change Trainz update stream...' command button.
Change the update stream to suit your needs/ secure the update.