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Came across a couple of routes that I might be interested in but I cannot find any info about them except who the original author was. I don't want to download a lot of assets that I won't be using. The two routes are: Bear Creek & Southern and Fross and Canyon Cut. If you have them a line or two describing them would be greatly appreciated.
.. if you mean : Bear Creek & South Jackson from Charlie Comstock aka horacefithers :

.. from his config :
BCSJ-555-RHR (Right Hand Running) - This is a moderately large (105 mile mainline) route set in a fictionalized version of Oregon on the West coast of the United States.
It was created with TRS19 Build 105100 and may be incompatible with TANE or earlier versions of Trainz.
It runs from Portland east past fields, forests, and rivers, through towns/stations of varying sizes, ascends a mountain to the aptly named Summit then descends along a mountain creek into a high desert area before ending at Pocatello.
There are multiple branch lines and junctions, three yard areas, lots of industries, a dozen towns/stations, eight tunnels, and a narrow gauge logging railroad (WIP).
The route is currently a work in progress (WIP) with some unfinished areas (though these should not be visible from a mainline train). It includes no Sessions and industries are not yet configured to produce or consume car loads.
It is good for free-driving trains and enjoying the detailed and ever-changing scenery.



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Thank you for replying. I'm aware of this route but I don't think that is the one I'm looking for.
Both of the routes you are looking for have original versions by jcbeytien in version 3.7, and newer versions updated by tho12eng1. To date I have not tried either of these routes, so if you don't get responses it may be one of those things where you have to try downloading them and then reporting back and letting us know!
Both of these routes originally appeared on the 30in. narrow gauge web site ( and were done by BigBoy4010. Not the latest & greatest but as a fan of narrow gauge of any kind I find them interesting & fun.

To get an idea of the nature of the routes below are links to YouTube videos for the Bear Creek:

If you download the originals, they would need some work to bring them up to date but I think they would be a great starting point for someone ready to spend a little time on them. As a previous poster noted, a couple of BigBoy's routes have already been worked on for TANE and put up on the DLS.

Hope this helps.

Paul :)