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Is there any way to save/print a map of a layout, with most, if not all junction/points/station names etc., on it?
I tried using TrainzMap, to do a printout of the Middle Vales route, and to make all the names appear, it's over 35 pages!

Any help most welcome!!!

Cheers, Ron.
AFAIK TrainzMap is the only way to do what you are trying to do I'm afraid.



Thanks, Dave. Looks like a pen, paper and much burning of the "Midnight Lamp", is the only way I'm going to get this done!!

Rgds Ron.
Another way would be to takes screenshots of the minimap. You might be able to reduce the number of pages that way depending on your zoom level.

You could also try working with a drawing program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, maybe even MS Paint. Save the map image with no labels, then draw them in with the drawing program. Scale it to what you want.

Do you need the whole route? I have a route where the creator made map JPG files but only of the stations, the area between was left out since it had no industries or anything very important. So it was only 3 pages.
Hi Ron
As StorkNest says your best bet here is to use a drawing program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, maybe even MS Paint, mind personally I tend to use MS Word as a start point for all the wording and track and then copy into a paint program for easy manipulation
All the maps included with my routes where created this way and all print out on a single sheet of A4, Note: Simply extract from the pack and print, in the case of Heartbeat Revisited this covers around sixty stations and still fits nicely onto a singe sheet
If you are not interested in my work as such but would like a copy of a map just drop me a line
Regards Bob V
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