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can someone please tell me why it takes so long to get the right away green fla.i've been standing for i don't know how long perhaps 10-15 mins.isn't this to long?every time i pull away from a station or etc,i get message.i have at least 10 violations and any further will end the session.:hehe::eek::'(
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Which version of Trainz is this referring to, and which route/session?

RE:which version which is build 80341.can also add in this same post that while playing in game i'm exeriencing what seems like a frame rate issue whereby the the gameplay physics model seems to suddenly jerk and almost stop almost constantly but very quick.only about a second.:hehe:through out the entire sessions and game.kick starter county and healsville and i also get little red bug like icon in the lower side of the screen just below the driver hud controls.which when clocked on reveal that .gs error or as ive discovered a script error.
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