Retail build 122418- plateau tool causes game to hang


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Since the last update I've found that the plateau tool in Surveyor keeps causing the game to hang- I'm getting a lock-up almost every session where I'm doing terrain editing. This is a tool I use a lot to smooth out bumps in terrain, and will often use the tool for a few seconds at a time. The problem usually happens when I'm editing an area with a few other scenery details in place, and not in areas of blank baseboard. I need to close the program using Task Manager, and revert any changes when I reopen the route. Anyone else seeing this problem?

I've just recently started having this same issue doing any kind of terraforming that involves ground height changes while using surveyor classic. It's incredibly annoying and frustrating.

The fact that you posted this nearly 8 months ago and have gotten no response tells me that, like usual, the devs do not care.

I love having to CTRL-ALT-DEL my way out of the game over and over again. Can someone shed some light on this? I'm really not interested in starting over from square one on yet another route because of the wonderful little bugs this game is plagued with. Build 123794, FWIW.
It was mentioned somewhere that the Dev Team is aware of this and maybe we'll be lucky and have a fix in the next version. I recommend joining the beta when it's available so you can report issues early rather than waiting until the product is finished.