Whos on First?
Hello all,
I have been browsing around in CMP. I have seen something strange. I had been looking for different consist.
I came across alot of items named Reserved. Like 1982 items. Non have a thumbnail. Under status is has the question mark. Different Kuids. All the same user. Krash_01.

If these items have been removed from the DLS can we not have the listing removed from CMP?
If you search this forum on "Krash_01" you will get a bunch of topics about it.

In short:
You can ignore them; N3V is aware of them and/or has taken action on them.
It may be worth filing a helpdesk ticket, if it's still appearing in the Black Pages. I've had a number of items actually removed.

The problem with some content removal attempts in the past, be it "reserved" spam, pirated stuff, etc. is that some of it still shows on the DLS index and, thus, may appear in a search; it's just the CDP files themselves that have been removed. Nowadays, however, it seems whoever is handling the removals on the backend is now also ensuring that inappropriate content actually gets deleted from the DLS indexes as well i.e. it won't show in a search.

Keep in mind that deleted content may still show as available in CMP. I think doing a database repair (Extended, preferably) will delete the "phantom" content.