Removing Assets Off a Route via CMP?


Michigan Trainz
I have been working on my route lately, but I used Niffi's content that for some reason was removed from the DLS recently. I want to take if off of my route, but don't really know if I can get it "ALL" off in surveyor. Is there a way I can remove it via CMP/ CCP without risking the route or having to delete kuids off of a table of 700 kuids in the Config? -Chris
Deleting the kuids in the kuid-table won't have any affect. You'll need to edit the .gnd file. Have you tried TrainzMap to replace the items? Another way might be to delete the assets from CMP, open your route and delete missing dependencies, then re-save.
Trainzmap won't work for this as you can only manipulate nameable scenery objects and trees aren't in that category.
Correct, as you now know, but as he didn't specify what (come to find out it's industries), he might be able to.
I'm not a CMP expert but what I would try is Edit in Explorer and open the config file. You need the kuids of the trees being removed, personally I would list a bunch of kuids to replace them with. Then you use Notepad's Find to locate the kuids and change them manually. It is some work and tedious but it worked in TRS2004, I don't see why it wouldn't again. I usually prepare a Notepad window beforehand with the kuids to replace and the new ones for reference when doing this.

If there is another step needed for CMP, I don't know it, have not tried through CMP yet.