Relay Boxes/Panels


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Some thoughts. I'm assuming that relay boxes and universal boxes operate by electricity. I've been placing said objects along my tracks and at road crossing. Crossing signals and gates also operate by electricity. So now I'm thinking that I need to place power poles along my tracks. If I place those splines will I see a big difference in frame rates? I'm speaking of the Port Tillamook RR which is a large route. Thanks in advance.
You are correct with the assumption that they need power to operate, but not all relay boxes have power lines going to them. In some cases, they are powered by batteries, which are placed inside the cabinets or in the ground. Others do have power lines, but I have mostly seen them without power lines lately so my assumption is the power is coming in from underground. I would put power cables to some of them, perhaps those for the road crossings, but you don't need to do so with all. Another place that may need the power would be big junctions.

Power line splines should not affect the performance in T:ANE like it did in TS12. Grass splines, however, are still icky.

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I've seen over the past few years an increasing number of relay boxes to which were attached solar panels, which I assume are used to charge batteries that operate whatever the relay box controls. Here is a photo of such an installation: