Recomended US/Canadian Passanger trains with interior cameras for TRS19


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Hello folks.:)

So I was looking at some of the passenger train sets included in my copy of TRS 19 platinum edition and I was noticing that a good plenty of EU/UK/RU sets have detailed 3D interiors and interior cameras which I always enjoy using when I am riding my trains as a passenger rather than driving them, or doing both.

However, to my surprise, there are not a lot of options for North American passenger sets with interior cameras. I mean sure, you have the CRM Coach with the nice vista view and the PRR observation car, but as far as I know, those are the 2 main options available to you. Even on the Orient Express (which is nice to have since that was my favorite train to drive in MSTS as a kid back in the day), only the Dining car has an interior camera, where as the sleeper cars do not. I mean, if the Coronation Scott or Duchess have interior cameras for more than just the dining cars (namely the compartment coaches), I would reasonably expect at least the main coach of an NA passenger train to have an interior too.

So without further a due, I would like to hear what you would recommend me to get. Also, I am mainly looking for freeware if possible, but I will also consider suggestions for payware content. Do note I am looking for NA passenger trains with interior cameras. It does not need to have stunning modern graphics or anything, I just would like a set with interior cameras for more than just the dining car.

Also as a side question if anyone can answer: As I was writing this thread, I came across a steam recommendation for The Broadway Limited. However, I could not find any information if there are interior camera views for the cars other than the observation car. If anyone owns The Broadway Limited, if you could confirm if the other coaches have interior cameras with screenshots, I would appreciate it.:D

Thanks in advance.
I remember in the 2009 Maria's Pass route there was a passenger consist where you could ride as a passenger. I also remember asking a similar question a long time ago for T:ANE, and someone responded with something you could do in the config.sys to make any passenger coach work that way. Memory fails me, and it was a long time ago. Maybe a search would find it, but I am not sure how to word it to narrow it down....
Yes I remember that consist. The Superliner consist which can be found on the DLS. That was also one of my favorite sessions in TRS 2006 and TS 2010. Also interesting to note regarding the edit to the config.sys. I did some further searching and found the Blue Comet DLC and the Aerotrain of Tomorrow bundle DLC. Even though the former is old (being among the first premium DLC for Trainz), I went ahead and bought them and they are both great! I also did not realize until now that the Green and Red heavy wight coaches from Kickstarter County 2 route are reskinned Blue Comet coaches. I was even able to find freeware 1930s model Orient Express coaches by vendel under the name CIWL.
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