Recently lost my work-in-progress (The Bramleyline Railway)


Building the Wisbech line
Hello everyone

Here to remind you all that it is important to back up downloaded content (from the DLS), your routes and sessions that you have been working on. The reason I mention this is, my own Zoostorm PC somehow ended up with nasty Malware from an unknown source elsewhere on the internet last week and this caused no end of major problems.

Firstly, all of my music on my iTunes that I had ripped from my 190+ CDs (four weeks solid work building up my iTunes music collection) had completely gone up the spout; and more secondly - my on-going Trainz12 recreation of the prototype March - Wisbech branch line had also disappeared to nowhere. Both of these hard won efforts I didn't have the chance to back them up before I had lost everything off my computer.

Soon as I had discovered malware on the PC, I immediately re-booted it from its recovery disc in about two hours. Once I had the PC back up and running, then had to re-install the latest Mozilla Firefox and various add-ons (no-script, add-block, etc) and re-build my music collection.

Work on my Trainz12 route wil have to be re-started from scratch - something I'm not immediately keen to get underway at first. But I hope to re-start route building asap.

Sandisk USB flash drives now at the ready for any downloaded content and any edit config tweaks I do to the locomotives, plus routes/sessions.