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JointedRail Cust. Service
Hello all,

Heres some general notes on how to go about getting a hold of us if you require support on any JointedRail product you have purchased and some steps you should take first before doing so to save you some time if its a common problem.

1. Always make sure you have the latest dependencies! These are always posted to our Dependencies section on our website and are constantly updated with our new releases. We also have alot of these same dependencies now available on the Download Station for ease of searching as well so this is the first thing you always want to check. This is the #1 most common support request.

2. If you need to get a hold of us simply shoot us an email at . Please make sure you list out your problem in as much detail as you possibly can as this helps us to diagnose your problem on the spot rather than us bouncing emails back and forth to find the cause. Lots of info on the problem never hurts and we can typically figure it out quick with lots of detail!

3. Per our Terms of Service on our site and the one you check each time you order you are ultimately responsible for backing up your purchases from our website on your PC or another device. We have several customers who simply back their items up to a 2GB or so flash drive. These are cheap and effective for you to keep your items from us safe in case of a computer problem. Please make sure to do this as your links are only good for a certain amount of time for security reasons. There is a small fee associated with resending any orders out after this preset time period has ended.


JointedRail Support
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