Re-opened line electrification but new electrics delayed on country's busiest route!


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Scotrail made a good job of re-opening the line from Stirling to Alloa and broke the passenger target. The passenger side had been taken away decades before and was goods only. Now with the line doing so well they are working flat out to electrify it with the work being done during the night so not to inter rut passengers. There have been apologies for disturbing people in putting up the overhead equipment but a good sign of progress. Just a pity the rest of the line beyond Alloa will be allowed to rust instead of extedning he passenger return all the way to Dunfermline Junction.

Regarding electric trains there seems to be yet another delay after all the work to electrify the main Glasgow-Edinburgh fast route. It is being said this is due to the wind deflection bits need to be attended to. When you consider this main line is the busiest in Scotland you would have expected everything to be A1 after the overhead stuff erected yet still delaying with the electric trains.

Can I remind train fans that Glasgow to Edinburgh has three quite separate passenger routes between them. A while back I tested to see if anyone else in the train world could equal that but zilch! :D
Can do!

Just a pity the re-opened line as far as Alloa was not carried onto the junction at Dunfermline station. When I go to Fife (and Fife Circle Line) from Glasgow it is a trail. A fast train from Glasgow to Edinburgh then change for a a more stretched out time table to Fife. At least the success of the long dead passenger side of things is being proved. Electrification will make a difference but it does make me laugh to think of all the work electrifying the main line of three between Glasgow and Edinburgh and the new electric trains not ready yet.

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