Scottish rail re-openings have came to a pause.....


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I would say firstly that this has been one of the good places for passenger re-openings in Gt Britain. Airdrie-Bathgate (and Edinburgh), Larkhall line, Borders line, Alloa Line, shot Glasgow suburban passenger suburban, However e now things have crawled to a stop - well the Edinburgh tramway extension?

From time to time murmurings about others but nothing in fruition such as the St Andrews branch the north east Aberdeen to Fraserburgh and th line off it to Peterhead, further parts of the Borders route and so on. A Westminster MP and former First Minister pontificated about getting that north east part I have mentioned if he was re-elected but the man got dumped! Why he didn't argue the case during his office I don't know but that is Salmond for you. Even talk about a further extension for the re-opened Alloa to the track still there to Dunfermline Junction has died a death. A couple of other fife places has also become a short history.

So although we have done some well in bringing routes back there are places here where trains would be progressive of running like in yesteryear.