Quickdrive tab dissapeared


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Hi guys I made my own route and when I drive a train on it im unable to change the diving mode or the weather. Can someone help me? and also why my baseboard lines are blue?
vfernandezThis may be of some help:

Go into the TS12 session editor and load up the session.
Go to the Edit Session Rules button and open up the QuickDrive rule icon for editing.
Check to see that the:
Disable Game Play Session Mode box is unchecked.
If this box is ticked then you will not be able to change some of the features when in drive mode such as weather, date and time.
Also make sure that you have the ConsistDataHandler Rule icon loaded in underneath the QuickDrive rule icon in order to change train consists.

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I fixed it but the problem is that the window only comes up once and I can't open the quickdrive window again