Quick Question Regarding Session Downloads


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Hello all,

Did some perusing of the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for. At least not for any recent build.

I'm interested in diving into TANE SP1 MP a little bit, but I would like to use a session that I have modified from the base route (Kickstarter Country). My changes were minor, they include things like setting up the queue and process for Jackson Refinery, etc. I added NO assets, though I did download the working version of Coal Mine Basic which I feel most people have done at this point. The queues/processes use base Coal, Diesel Fuel, etc. My question is, do I have still have to put this on the DLS considering I've added no assets whatsoever? If yes, the download for potential players should be VERY small, no? Just a config file of some sort, unless they need the updated Coal Mine Basic??

My thinking is that by starting an MP session with assets that everybody already has I will get more players. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

If you've made a custom multiplayer session then yes this must be uploaded to the Download Station in order to use it. You will also need to remove your modified version from Content Manager and download the uploaded version.

Yeah, simply put, the DLS is the central point where everyone gets the session from. Including you. DLS ensures this way that everyone has the same data for consistent and synchronized game play. Feel free to add your KUID here after you uploaded it so we can download it and join you :)