quick drive and surveyor not working in Trainz a new era on my mac

So I have been playing Trainz a new era since January and have racked up north of 480 hours and I have been having a very consistent problem which is Quickdrive and surveyor mode.
So whenever I load in a route in Trainz I like building prototypical train like a Norfolk and western y6b with 100+ coal hoppers and some more y6b pushers in the back and whenever I'm building up a consist I want to drive it and I usually click the trains button and it doesn't retract or like go back into the way it was when it is first loaded in, and with surveyor I am working on my own 50+ mile route and whenever I go to edit something in it or place an asset from the buildings tab it just stops and the spline points stop moving and I can't use any of the other tabs and I just have to quit the session and stop. Oh and I bought Trainz a new era from Steam. I don't know if it's just a buggy build or if it's me.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?
The second problem can be explained. The game needs to load everything in the tab when you open it, and it takes time to load it. Just wait for it to load everything and Trainz will start working again. I'd recommend looking to increase the amount of RAM on your computer to help you out with this problem. Computer tech is not my expertise, so someone else might have a better idea.
Don't use the quick drive to launch the route. If you want to edit use the select route and view sessions and open the session for edit. To keep the original position you need to save before you go into driver mode. Saving once you enter driver mode will keep the trains in the position they are at at the time of leaving.
Also another slew of problems which include right clicking to start an AI train not working working and the game stops working when that happens and when screenshots have been taken the game just doesn't want to let me keep driving after I take a screenshot.
I'm starting to think I have some sort of buggy build from steam but I know I'm on service pack 4.