Quibbling about Sims

Beware: The poster (johnwilliam25) of the above message is a spammer. He/she started a SPAM thread in the General forum just 5 minutes before making the above post.

EDIT: The offending post has now been removed. I would like to confirm that stovepipe, who now has the above post, is not a spammer.
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And not that great either :) Those stretched textures look terrible.

But my point was, for this person to argue that someone should develop a new route in a sim that ceased development about 12 years ago, which now has a very small userbase, is plainly ludicrous.

The stretching is caused by using the incorrect mapping for the surface, i.e., plain for a cubic object which causes the textures to stretch oddly.

If I were demanded to do something like that, I would say alright then, I'll build the route in Legos or Minecraft. :hehe: