Question on Container Terminal Altenwerder Hamburg Harbour


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If I have a look with google earth on this CT I have some questions:
A) The storage places between water line and train yard line looking to have only 20ft and 40ft containers stacked. Are the 45ft (and amarican 53ft) containers not used in shipping or bring some problems?
B) There are at some places perpendicular to the containerdirection some multifloored runways with looking like ladderhouses. What purpose are they? Only beeing able to have look into containers?
Thanks for replying.
Not sure on your first question, but on the second question my guess is those perpendicular structures are the cranes that have to lift and move those containers into and out of the rows? When I visited there a year and a half ago there was very little happening the day we were there, although there were plenty of ships and a sea of containers. It would have been fun to actually see the whole works in operation!