Question: Does anyone where I can find this <kuid:69953:713> for MARC Kawaski?


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Anyone know where I could possibly find this missing kuid for the MARC Kawaski Bi-level Cars possibly for TRS22? I have been searching for where this missing kuid is and I have found no results, and I have also tried searching on the Trainz kuid website and on the DLS and I don't think I was able to find it there. Any advice would help!
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Okay, so I downloaded the file and put it in the game but for some reason, all the cars are showing red and missing dependencies and it's referring to the kuids that end with 713,714,715, and so on and saying that they are not on the download station.
There is a working link here. Be aware that using "Save link as" downloaded a 132k file that nothing would open. If you click the link it will take you where the 8.7Mb file can be downloaded.