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An AS-16 takes a daily passenger train to Wildwood Crest. Also, hope you guys like that I increased my resolution for larger screenshots. :D






Yours, Qaz
re post #1308 Railwoodman.

Excellent subject matter, plenty of detail in the first phot.

Your shots on the other threads very nice too, you must like Coal Country, Matt.

Cheers Ken
Looks like just before the Altoona station, on the 12th street footbridge, with 2 slugs behind that PRR loco, on a sheet metal consist, coming out of the WORKS/SOUTH yard, possibly headed for the Holidaysburg branch, to the 2 carshops. The 2 loaded coal consists are inbound for grading and weighing at Juniata SCALES, as all EB coal consists were processed there. Most probably a WB empty coal drag headed back to the mines, and a WB freight waiting at ALTO.

Great photo !
Ken .....
Excellent subject matter, plenty of detail in the first phot.

Your shots on the other threads very nice too, you must like Coal Country, Matt.
Coming from you , That's means a lot . Thanks . But you sir are in a whole other realm when it comes to screen shots .:D Yea , Due to a miscommunication . My own rout has been put on the self for the time being . So Coal Country , and others are my routes to run .

cascaderailroad ....... Your correct . I have more then a few books with ( Thomas Ayers ) Photos , that one I don't think I've seen before . And Altoona works releases some really nice shot I haven't seen .

Qua.... Bring them on .! enjoying your work and shorts .

? Due you still have a page up


Again .Thanks

Mainline Proceed / Caution

Mainline Proceed / Stop

Reading / NYC Proceed / Caution

Reading / NYC Proceed / Stop

Proceed / Caution

Proceed / Stop

An unusual one Proceed / Caution / Stop

Proceed / Caution

Proceed / Stop

Block Station Caution / Stop
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Thanks to UP8328, whom I commissioned these PRR Kerosene Lantern Switch Stands, which are on the DLS

His other New Century Switchstands with metal flags are top notch, a must have for everyone's route

I myself prefer the non-ballasted, older type levers, although he has the newer yellow safety lever handle ones also available


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Let me know if you need any help using them, and choosing the proper signal for your specific location ... I can imaging exactly which ones would be used on a PRR Mainline Crossover, and which ones would be used on a yard, and which ones would be best suited for a yard engine terminal around a roundhouse ... I spent months researching all the different color combinations

The Blue is a bit dark, as the real lens was a light turquoise, and looked kind of green, when a yellowish kerosene lantern wick illuminated it

I would imagine that a crossover would display either a Green Blue White for the straight through path track, and yellow for a diverging crossover switching track, meaning caution, or reduced restricted speed, when changing tracks

A Green Blue White combined with a Red would mean an absolute stop, unless authorized by a dispatcher or tower operator
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