PRR Broad Street Station Help


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I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured I'd start with General Trainz.

I'm dabbling in possibly recreating the PRR line from Philly to Harrisburg. It's going to be a learning experience from ground zero.

As a start, I'm trying to mock up the old PRR Broad Street Station. I've found a large train shed in the DLC that I will probably be able to fit the 16 tracks that were there after they put up the shed. But, after most of the day spent in the DLC searching this and that (which was fun but also frustrating), I'm not finding anything that comes close to the PRR office building and station that backed up to the train shed. I've found some cathedral spires and some office-type buildings that I sort of merge together, but I thought I would check on the forum to see if anyone had suggestions. I'm still learning most of the Trainz experience, so I've no clue how to make such a structure on my own. I'll be okay with an approximation that sort of comes close. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


G'day mate,

All I can recommend for now is to hold off on the building and place the track as accurately as possible - if (and I don't mean to offend you with that), you ever get close to finishing the route in Trainz it's a lot easier to convince someone to build a landmark for a route they're sure will be released. I'd estimate that 90%+ routes in Trainz that we all start don't get finished for one reason or another.

@Heinrick505.... have a look at the TS12 asset "Liverpool St Station", Its in many parts and has at least 16 tracks... you may be able to modify that to your requirements
Just had a look. Very interesting. I might be able to make some parts of it work. I'll play with it a while. Thanks for the info.

Good recommendation, and I agree, most routes never get completed. Not offended at all. I wasn't looking for someone to make the station though, just looking for buildings that might come close so I could merge them or overlap.

There are so many assets to search through. It's quite amazing what the community has amassed.