PRR 140lb. welded track for Trainz

Not sure exactly what this track looks like, however, there are tons and tons of track on the DLS, as well as other track over at Jointed Rail that might be helpful. Simulatortrain made some nice-looking track, although the ballast might be incorrect. Another useful track might be that by jmann. He created both a jointed and a welded track to North American standards as well. If this still isn't right, check out the SAM track, although it is European, it works well and looks really nice. He made track with and without the screw bolts, if this helps.

Where can I find this?

You mean this type of track right?
kinda like that, but a little different but somewhat the same just not so much the same as it is different than that.
kinda like that, but a little different but somewhat the same just not so much the same as it is different than that.
If I translated this correctly I think he means yes :hehe:. Anyway that track isn't publicly available at the moment, sorry.
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The track is too immaculately clean, and too perfectly milled, like it was laid just yesterday ... RR tracks are a dirty, greasy, with busted up, weather beaten ties. Occasional ballast rocks and debris are common on a prototype RR track.
The PRR kept their track in great shape right up until the bitter end. You would never find dilapidated track on any Pennsy mainline, much less lines that used 140lb rail (mostly the NEC and on very heavily-trafficked lines). The ties are already weathered, and the ties would CERTAINLY not be "busted up" or in any kind of shape like that because of the shape that the track needed to be in to support the amount of traffic at the speeds that were necessary for normal every-day service.
I saw a photo on Bills Pennsy photo's, where they bragged that the track by Rose tower was in the best shape of all on the system ... it was maintained in gauge, and profile ... but the rails were greasy, gimey and gooey, and the ties were not milled and polished ... they were coated in weathered grime, with "poop" (from 300 passenger / troop trains daily), with oily stains on the ties, and occasional ballast rocks ... the PRR tracks did not look clean at all ... but they were highly maintained on a rigid basis.

Trainz tracks are much too straight, level, and cleaned & polished, much resembling Class V standards, which was not on the prototype.
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Conversely, many pictures from the NEC ranging from the late 30's to the beginning of the PC era show that the track and roadbed there was "clean" and very similar to the track pictured above. Mind you that the 140lb track was really only used on the NEC, and as such, there was less grime due to the speed at which the trains traveled over the line. At Rose tower, the trains passed at a slower speed, leaving more grime on the tracks. Altoona was also the major serving stop on the PRR's east-west main, and near Rose tower, the tracks branched off to various engine servicing facilities. Because of this, comparing track in Altoona to track used on the NEC in terms of quality and cleanliness is essentially comparing apples and oranges.
I'll show you a thousand PRR photos, which show the entire system was dirty weathered track, and none of it was spic & span, clean milled ... they never sent the "Bon Ami washer woman" out to clean up the dirty ties and rails ... RR tracks get very filthy, very quick ... There is no such ting as a clean polished RR track, in the entire World !
I can also show you many photos from the PRR era that show the ROW being better maintained and not as dirty and grimy as you describe it to be. While it is true that track doesn't stay clean and brand new for long, the track in the above photos is also weathered, although not so much so that it appears to be poorly-maintained. By the PC era, the track was certainly more dirty, as you describe it, and by the time Conrail came into existence, even more so. Track certainly does become weathered dirty, maybe not as much as you describe it, but keep in mind that everybody has different views about how track looks and how well it matches the prototype. After all, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"
Yeah, but, to be fair, it's not the track that's looking good, it's the ballast that makes it look good......The track might be ripped, it's a trick of the eye.

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
Anyone new to Trainz, and anyone with a RR background, or anyone at a model RR train convention, would say: Trainz is unrealisticly too beautiful, too immaculate, too polished, too clean, too straight ... just doesn't look like the prototype, as six months after a new ballast job, it is all dirty, all over again.

Rain, snow, heat, the drifting of weather particles, blasted from fast moving trains, and all sorts of ugly weather, quickly beats up a good looking track, making it look knarley and weather beaten.

Just like railcars and loco's ... Rarely do you see a "perfectly cleaned, waxed, polished" train, fresh out of the "Waschenlaunge" ... usually they all look dirty, greasy, grimy, oily, and weather beaten.
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We obviously have different views on how track should look, so to avoid further confrontation on this issue, let's agree to disagree :).
The track does look a t bit clean, yet having random "dirt" on track is something I don't think anyone has done. In Trainz we have a choice between roughshod beaten down track, or a pristine looking mainline Class 5 quality. Perhaps someone could create a chameleon-type library for track that works similar to that on train cars to add in graffiti and dirt.

At any rate, here's the opposite of what was once a Class 1 railroad. The track speed is maybe, perhaps, 20mph instead of the former 50-70 mph it once was, and singled track for most of the way. Oh and some of the management of this railroad have come from the Penn Central! Scary!


RTS track came close to debris, ballast strewn track ... but it slows down my framerates, and kinks in turnouts and curves ... I still use MP Track Wood v2 by Philskene
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RTS track came close to debris, ballasst strewn track ... but it slows down my framerates, and kinks in turnouts and curves ... I still use MP Track Wood v2 by Philskene

I used to use this track too and noticed the same thing. It also has some track sounds which sound okay initially, but get annoying afterwards. The old MP Track Wood V2 is great for yards and big long stretches because of the low polys, however, it doesn't play well with newer versions of Trainz due to the mesh construction. For the most part, I use SAM Track B iii/V1, or something like that name. There's a screw version, which is European, and a no screw which is more North American and has tie plates instead. There are also rusty versions of both.