Profile Pictures.

If one right clicks your round circle icon then left click on inspect tab.

This action brings up all the details of your personal page settings.

Allowing any modifications to the script is another matter to investigate.
What is wrong with the user name under the round thingy? It certainly tells you "who is who" just like always. I never liked the limited range of LoRes loco avatars that were available anyway.
The Forum software mainly shows a "D" or a "P" on the main home page with the actual username in small font that may be hard to read for users with vision impairments. If we all had a unique profile picture it would make it way easier to identify someone.

Also, what would these new profile pictures even be? I'm hoping they're not just low-res locomotives, I'd honestly prefer screenshots of built-in Trainz locomotives with the background cut out as those will fit the new profile picture system much easier.
I put in a ticket to the Help Desk regarding changing the letter on the profiles to a selected image etc
here's their reply


N3V Games (Zec)​

8:39 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Good Afternoon Big_b
At the current time we do not support using custom avatars, although it appears that some accounts may be incorrectly receiving this ability. I have asked our admin to look into this, as we have no plans to offer hosting of custom avatars in our forums.

We will, in the future, be looking into providing a selection of premade Trainz/train related avatars, however we don't currently have a timeframe for this as our main focus has been to complete the core upgrade of the forums and ensure that they are working correctly.