Problem with Cah Mine (kuid2:210518:1163:1)


I am trying to use Cash Mine scenery object (kuid2:210518:1163:1) in a layout I am building - I get the following error message when I attempt to direct a consist to coal loading (I do not wish to use the unloading routine in the object);

DriverCharacter.NavigateToIndustry> unable to find industry track 'out track0'

Stack dump:

function $bool@DriverCharacter::NavigateToIndustry(Industry,string), line -1
$bool@DriveToScheduleCommand::BeginExecute(DriverCharacter), line 30

I get this error when using built-in driver characters as well as when using custom driver characters.

I have emailed the author, but it appears that the email cannot be delivered for some reason :-(

Any help would be appreciated.
I know the error as I have had it my self, but I can't for the life of me right now remember what the solution was.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with a part in the script related to the "drive to" part, near bottom of a Auran script - a part I often missed.

But, after reading your post, again, I might have seen another clue to what might be wrong. :)

Somewhere in the script, there is a reference to "out track0" and in the assets it self, in the config, there might not be a name match, hence things don't work.

It has as far as I now, nothing to do with the driver characters, but instead with the object/script for it - but I might also be totally wrong here as I'm not up to date on Trainz and it's workings anymore and all I said is from my memory.

But, I hope you can get help to figure it out.

I have exchanged emails with the creator before, been a while now (sorry Ben) but the times we had problem with getting emails through it would solve it self in a few days.

Best of luck

I think you're 1st guess was right Linda. Script provides two arrays - display texts and track names - for system to use with the driver commands and it is supplying an attached track name that doesn't exist in the config. Script should be corrected to suit the names in the config. The change should be made in the AppendDriverDestinations() method in the industry script for the mine. You may be able to do it the other way and change the track name in the config but if anything else references the track name this will break it so I can't say if this would work or not.

Bob Pearson
I get the same error from several assets created by the same creator, Ben Dorsy. It would be great if a solution can be found because he creates some great assets.