Problem with Asset Download


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i've installed TANE Deluxe CE edition. Now the program fails to finish installation of included assets, in the Asset Download window it start to download the asset simc:st274-dep (part 1), after if has finished the message 'Download complete. Installing...' appears but the installation remains freezed without go to next item.
Repeated the same process many times but with no results.
Seems like the assets remining to download are Avery-Drexel and Season Town Northern Rail Road because the others are in place, visible in the TANE routes window

What can i do now?

Welcome to the forums.

It can take some time for assets to be installed - I would suggest you check the T:ANE Errors thread to check if your issue is mentioned there.

I found it easier to download each one, one at a time rather than all at once. The process doesn't take as long as you think.

Solved with a login (internet tab of the launcher). :)

I was thinking the program logins automatically after done first time, but it's not so