Printing a Map of a Route.

Another Approach

IF you have a second monitor it could be used to separately display the MiniMap while you work on the route using the deluxe monitor. As an example, when using the various pathway management tools they ask for signal numbers, marker names, junction/switch IDs, etc. Yes you can easily switch to the MiniMap but you have that loss of focus which, for some, may be disconcerting. If all you have to do is quickly glance to one side to get the identifier of pathway point it is more "convenient".

I had an old TV which also had "monitor" capabilities. Plugged it in (HDMI) and adjusted it with the nVidia control panel. It is a 19 inch screen but that is adequate to see a portion of the MiniMap displayed route since you have to zoom in to be able to read the text. As I move the prescribed pathway along a route I can easily scroll/position the map on the second display.

BUT, there is one key point - you need to run a separate "instance" ( silicone valley jargon for another copy) of TRAINZ or TANE. Since you are not in the "race for FPS", but editing, there is little, if any, impact on that activity.

AND, it allows me to watch the Grand Prix of Monaco on the bigger screen while doing editing on the smaller during adverts.
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I'll Resurrect the thread just to N3V Will not forget that printing a route is very useful. To be honest, for a lot of the casual or just run routes "as is" crowd this is not an issue. But for those who create the assets, especially the routes and sessions, that others like to use, such a tool would be invaluable. Especially the ability to produce the logical diagram that kurby mentioned above. One of the things that make a product like Trainz work are the countless hours a few dedicated people put into creating free assets for the community. The easier it is for them the more assets they will be willing to do and maybe even draw a few more into the fold.
Yes indeed. I am eternally grateful to Trackplate for the file he produced for my favourite freeware route, "Restormel Castle". I still use the print out.

Anyone know where he is nowadays?
Does anyone know how to make these kinds of images?

Bumping this thread for Trainz Simulator 2019. For a workaround I'm zooming out for the entire map (mine is huge, it's the UMR-TS12-SUMMER route), doing a screen capture and labeling the portals and other stuff in Photoshop.
IT's one of those topics that goes around and comes around. I would like to see some way of printing the route. Kickstarter County might not be bad, but trying to print UMR2021 and some of the larger routes would probably have to take multiple tape-together pages of paper, or it would be so small that even the lines for the tracks would blur together.
The original Trainzmapz program that is the subject of this thread does not work with any version of Trainz above TS10. This program was not made by N3V but was written by a user. It broke due to changes made to the format that routes are stored in. It parsed the data from the route file and made a hi-res image. N3V is no longer willing to share the details of the way that routes are now stored so the program can't be fixed nor can a new program be written.

This thread has been bumped twice basically for the purpose of reminding N3V of the need for a program to create a printed map in new versions. There is a thread in the suggestion forum on this topic that N3V has responded to stating that they recognize the need and it is on "the list" for future inclusion in the game.

I believe that valid workarounds deserve their own thread where details of the workaround can be shared and discussed since zombie threads mostly just pop up and then sink back into the depths of the forum.