Pretty Pics...


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I know that this is probably going to sound stupid, but how do you get the pictures in the name headers at the tops of the posts? I've had a good nosey round on the profile screen, but I couldn't find anything.

Keep on trainzing!
Click on the 'User CP' button at the left of the menu bar and then click on 'Edit Avatar'. You can then choose one. I think this is what you're looking for.

P.S. There really aren't any stupid questions. We all had to learn these things at some point.
I've been wondering about that also, so I went for a looksee. I can't believe my favorite locomotive from my favorite railroad was included. The Monon BL-2. I have two of them from MTH, and am still hoping that someone will repaint Ben Neals excellent BL-2 in Monon for me eventually. For some reason, I can't get it to repaint. Anyway, thanks for the info.