Power Station Rule?


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I can't get the Power Station Rule to work. The rule lists the Power Station 1 as the power source, and the consumers are all Auran built. They are Forestry 1, and Coal Mine 1.

I get a notification that the power station is unable to operate ONLY IF I add Power Station 1 as a consumer. But Forestry 1 and Coal Mine 1 say they are able to operate whether or not I make the power station a consumer.

If I don't add Power station 1 as a consumer, I get no notification that the power station is unable to operate, and both the Forestry and Coal Mine indicate that they are able to operate.

In either case, both consumers say 'able to operate'.

How do I make this work? WTF is wrong?
your problem

SamSmith here. Well The forstry is still able to Run becuse the don't use power.The mine dosen't need power because everything is mauel.
You might need to bring coal to the powerstation because thats how it runs, On coal.

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See teh Sessions and Rules Manual. There is a Power Station Rule that makes ANY Auran-built industry require the Power Station to run. These industries stop producing as stated, but their information sheet shows that they are operating and the time to full capacity is still displayed. Why? How do I fix this?
Well.. If the mine is still giving your train coal and the froesty is still giving your train logs than your fine.


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