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Our original brief was that this forum would cover "various articles, fictional write ups and rail fan pictures contributed by our community members".

Clearly after 4 years with not many submissions, it is time to open things up to the community and call for interesting, thought provoking, incisive articles, write-ups and images.

If you have something that you think other Trainz fans would be interested in, please post them here. We will select the best posts to be highlighted in the newsletter.

General screenshots should go into the Screenshots forums.
Very similar to and not distinct enough from the "Trainz Community" forum in my opinion. Won't the same or similar topics/threads arise in both forums?

Can't they be combined in to a single forum and given the heading General Trainz or something like that?... Oh, we already have a forum named General Trainz - sorry!

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Hello Tony ...

To be honest, sir, and I think others might feel the same ... kind of confuse here .... what are you searching for? Perhaps give us an example, etc!

Kind Regards
We're after more "background" stories about your experiences with Trainz or trains. Why you like them, what you think about when you drive them etc.

Some of the regular requests in our survey were things like:
- more on the history of trains lines, rolling stock etc
- info from users on how they take great screenshots
- tips on how to build routes
- profile information on some of the Trainz community
- saved some excerpts of interesting, inspiring conversations from the forums. - User contributions.

As you can see - pretty much anything goes. The difference about this forum is that we are looking for things that would be interesting to highlight in the newsletter and link back to the forums, rather than a place where discussions would be ongoing. So perhaps you might find a great post on the forums and link to it here, and from here we pick a few to link through the newsletter.

Actually, I did comment on the survey about "Train / Trainz history" ....

I see now where you are going with this!:)

Thank you

Currently I see most of these topics show up in either "Prototype Talk", "Trainz Community" or "Surveyor, Operators and Engineers" and am very happy with that.

I personally would vote for just canceling / removing this whole "Trainz Talk" section (and while you are at it, also remove "Rail News" as that section is also dead and those post are also already being made in the earlier mentioned sections), let the current post be made where they currently are already being made and maybe add a "FAQs, Tips and Tweaks" subforum to the "Surveyor, Operators and Engineers" instead.
- info from users on how they take great screenshots
- tips on how to build routes
- profile information on some of the Trainz community
Seems to me that this is a WIKI by another name. Perhaps it might get better views but if the WIKI is hard to navigate and search, a forum would be even harder. Once a topic falls off the first page(s) it becomes effectively lost.

- saved some excerpts of interesting, inspiring conversations from the forums. - User contributions.
Once I've read them, rereading the same, no matter how interesting or inspiring, in another forum is not my cup of tea Perhaps if there was a way to flag or rate those messages in their original forum, I could more easily find them again.
Perhaps if there was a way to flag or rate those messages in their original forum, I could more easily find them again.

Martin has a strong point here!

There are many threads that have useful information from guidelines to tutorials; However, in all my years here only a handful has gotten a sticky, example Shane's excellent installation chart. However, if there was a way to flag these useful threads, then collect them into one forum I'm sure the community would find that very useful in one form or another.

I guess it can be treated like the suggestion thread, where as Mods can view the thread then make a decision if it's valid enough to be added to that forum!

Right now, Tony, is difficult to see where it all can be place ... sounds too general!

Hi Tony, I know I'm a bit late to the discussion, but what is it exactly that your looking for to be posted here? Some narrowed down specifics would be great, as then we could really contribute to your cause.
In general, are you looking for things out of the categories that you mentioned above? Not being mean, but I think it is really hard for us to understand exactly what you're looking for.

I've got many things that fall under each one of those categories. Would you like them to be posted in specific threads or in this thread right here?
Hmmm! This thread idea hasn't gone anywhere! I bumped it to see the beautiful Susie Mathis again! See previous post.

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Is this okay or a bit wishy washy? Please delete if it does not meet what this thread is about.

The steam train, the majestic machine that bellows smoke into the air, rains you with soot or cinders sometimes if you are standing in the wrong place when the train is stationary but an emotion is stirred of a bygone era that I was able to witness even though it was a very, very small piece. Heard many wonderful stories told by my uncle who used to mainly drive on the Stratford and Taumaranui line. One of the Ka's was the Ka 944. My uncle was a great story teller and he loved the steam train. One story that stands out was how they used to cook their sausages for tea in the firebox, but it would be told in a very dramatic and comedy way.
Four years ago my route "Narrow Falls" began. Though it was fictional it also had a NZ theme mixed in. Low and behold the Ka was on the download station along with the Ab. Now both of these trains have a route to run and when watching the Ka it reminds me of my uncle who told those stories (unfortunately they were not recorded) only in a way he could and where the steam train was his life

Taihape 1966, Ka 947
ARhian7 - Wow! Cameo appearance of one of my favourite KAs - number 945. Roller bearings and Baker valve gear...
Used to listen to those mighty Ks and KAs climbing up to Waiouru from Ohakune or Taihape late at night when I was a lad.
Thanks for the footage - pure nostalgia!
:) Some more info for you. Presently the Ka 945 is being overhauled at Steam Incorporated, Paekakaririki, . It was mentioned during the excursion trip to Wanganui I was on about 3 Sundays ago with Ja 1271.

Another memory.
Many years ago our family used to go to church regularly on a Sunday. Now one particular Sunday I heard that a steam train would be travelling on a "nostalgia excursion" to Taumaranui so it would travel on the line our country road crossed over around midday ish. Now an hour and a half sitting in church for a kid (around 12/13yrs give or take) was a bloomin' long time, especially when all one wanted to do was get home in time to see the train. Anyway we did get home in time so I jumped into my home rags, onto the push bike and peddled madly to the crossing. Thank goodness it was a beautiful, calm sunny day. I cannot remember why I had to push bike instead of my parents dropping me off.
About five minutes later the steam train hurled passed. It was an exciting, thrilling, magical moment and one that will not be forgotten!
Sorry to bump but we were on a school trip behind a crossing gate and we say a toy car for babies (a toy car which a baby can sit in) being mauled to death by a speeding train.

That spooked me.