Anyone can now post here - please keep to the topic


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Our original brief was that this sub-forum would cover:
news updates from anything related to trains and rails. The common topics covered in this section will be Rail event news, Special runs, Commission or decommissioning of trains, community meet ups, model railway news etc.

Clearly after 4 years with not many submissions, it is time to open things up to the community and call for SPECIAL train related news (not Trainz).

If you have something on this topic that you think other Trainz fans would be interested in, please post them here. We will select the best posts to be highlighted in the newsletter.

There are MANY other places on the web to find general information about trains news, so please keep this to SPECIAL information.

NOT SUITABLE TO POST: Sydney trains: rail timetable changed to handle day trippers, different working hours
SUITABLE TO POST: Thousands to flock to Severn Valley Railway for Flying Scotsman visit; LINK

Especially if you were there and can add something to the story :)