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Has anyone got any ideas
I wish for trains to exit a portal at a specific time each hour. I have arranged multiple portals at one point each with only one train to exit as I do not wish for trains to come out in random order from any one Portal.

Example: Portal 1- train exits at 20min past the hour precisely - not every 20 minutes just at 20 min past each hour
Portal 2- train exits at 30 min past the hour - not every 30 minutes
In driver sessions I can get the "Wait until Minute" command but this is not available on Surveyor where I have to set the commands for Portal exit.
If anyone can assist I would be most pleased
Hi TonyTony,

There's the Portal Control, or something like that which I think allows this finer control over portals. I've never used it myself because I don't run schedules like this since I'm mostly freight oriented.

Another option, if it's the same time each hour, is to use a portal like the Re-Rail Portal by maggs, then set the initial delay to the time (amount of minutes past the hour) you want it to come out the first hour, then set the frequency to every 60 minutes.

Example: If you want it to come out at 20 minute past the hour, every hour, then set the initial delay to 20 and the frequency (produce a train every) to 60.

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Thanks guys for your assistance
I have tried the re-rail Portal and it looks like the thing that I want. I downloaded the Quick Portal Manager but had it had problems with missing dependencies so I have left that one alone
Thanks again